Way to Retrieve Your Lost Wi-Fi Password?

It could be tough finding a Lost Wi-Fi Password if you have failed to recall it & do not have much practical knowledge on such things. You might have guests or friends over at your home and it could become awkward when you do not even know the password of your own Wi-Fi network.

But, to recover a Lost Wi-Fi Password is not that tough as it might seem providing you have access to the router else having at least one of the gadgets attached to the Wi-Fi network. Given below is the process of way to retrieve a lost Wi-Fi password on all major platforms as well as Windows, Android, iOS & Mac. To know how to recover the Wi-Fi password, your gadget must be in any case once attached to the network, else, it will not work.


Follow below steps to retrieve lost WiFi Password on Windows:

  • Launch the Control Panel.
  • Visit Network & Internet > Task & View Network Status.
  • Hit on the Wi-Fi networks. A popup window gets emerged.
  • Hit on Wireless Stuffs.
  • Visit the Safety tab.
  • Verify the checkbox of Show characters in the Network security button to get the password of the Wi-Fi network.


  • Launch the Utilities file by going into the Apps file & then go to Utilities.
  • Open the Keychain Access application.
  • Nowadays, from the upper-left panel, choose System & from the lower-left panel, choose Passwords.
  • Find the SSID or name of the wireless router into the list & double strike on it.
  • New window appears. Mark the Show password box to show the WiFi password.
  • Since this is the System settings, thus, you will have to write the admin password so as to unlock it.


Sadly, Android at present has no option obtainable by which you will find the password of a WiFi network which you are attached to unless the phone is fixed. After the phone is fixed, you may use apps for example WiFi Key Recovery that could help you recovering the WiFi password but rooting the Android phone is something which we do not suggest.


Same is the case with iOS, as with Android. You cannot retrieve the WiFi password unless you jailbreak the iPad/iPhone & with the support of a Cydia tweak for instance Network List to retrieve the WiFi Password. Once more, we do not suggest that you jailbreak the iOS device.


You can effortlessly recover the WiFi password if you have access to the WiFi router & there are numerous methods by which you may do that:

With the default password

If you use the default password of the router & did not alter it then you may simply find the WiFi Password. Companies mostly print the network info as well as the SSID & WiFi password on the router label. Search for the label on the router or at the base of the router. The label will hold the default WiFi info, you may then connect with the default WiFi password.

With the Admin Router Interface

For novices, this way might be a little testing but, it is not. For this technique to work, your laptop or computer must be attached to the router wirelessly either or with the Wi-Fi network by an Ethernet link. Once attached, you may follow below steps below to retrieve the lost Wi-Fi password:

  • Launch a web browser.
  • Into the address box, write the default gateway address of the router like else, & hit Enter.
  • You will be encouraged to write the login username then password. You may either look for the login IDs of the router on the net or search for the login IDs on the label printed at the base of the router.
  • Login with the default IDs, i.e username, & password.
  • After logged in, go to the Wireless Part.
  • Now you will find the Wi-Fi password listed in its set field.
  • Reset the Router
  • If the above-mentioned seem too complex to your or you are simply not capable of login to the admin interface of the router afterward maybe you must reset the router. After you reset the router then each setting as well as any changed password is reset again to factory settings. You may now attach to the Wi-Fi network with the default login IDs. Here is how you may reset the router:
  • Search for a small key labelled Reset else Restore Factory Settings at the bottom or back of the router.
  • Take a toothpick or paper clip.
  • Then, hit & hold that key for 15-20 seconds & afterward release.
  • You will find that now the router will reboot. Leave a few seconds to restore the settings. Once done, you may connect the Wi-Fi network with the default Wi-Fi password.

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