About Internet Bandwidth

Terms of Networking could be puzzling. Such terms are used & so often repeated in our everyday lives still we don’t much on such terms. Unless you are linked to the topic of network, there is a great possibility that you don’t have any idea on the name “Internet Bandwidth”, still this term is repetitive approximately every day in our lives. Therefore, what essentially is Internet Bandwidth?

Actually Internet Bandwidth is a term which outlines the capacity of the network. Internet Bandwidth denotes to the highest amount of data which may be moved over a period of time (mostly 1 second) via a network. For instance, if the bandwidth of the internet network is 10 Mbps so it means that the greatest capacity of data transferring of the network per second is 10 megabits.

For a similarity, you may access the bandwidth of the network to a water pipe diameter. If the pipe diameter is bigger than extra water will flow via the pipe at some time. The same is for the net connection. If the bandwidth of the network connection is more than more data will be moved across the network at a time.

Difference among Internet Speed & Internet Bandwidth

Both the terms Internet Speed & Internet Bandwidth are interchangeably used but they are not correctly used. Both the terms have distinct meanings & in few instances, they may be interchangeably used still in many situations, they can’t be.

After anyone denotes the term Internet Speed then it means that the speed or rate at which the data could be moved over a network. Let’s again take the above-mentioned similarity where the water pipe diameter is equivalent to the bandwidth. After considering the net speed then it denotes how speedily the water flows through the pipe or how rapid the data is moved across the network.

What you must understand that having a net connection of 5 Mbps or 1 Mbps does not technically make it speedier but as there is plenty more bandwidth & the capacity is huger, more data could be moved to connections by greater bandwidths in comparison to connections from lower bandwidth.

Your net can have various downloading & uploading speeds because of the asymmetrically allocated bandwidth. As many individuals use the net to download & consume the content instead of uploading material so, your uploading bandwidth is less & this ends in having lower uploading speeds than downloading speeds.

After debate on the internet connection speed then there are numerous other aspects which add to the net speed together with net bandwidth. Such aspects include server overloading, DNS, server location, etc. must be taken into consideration after discussing internet speed.

To focus the difference on internet speed & internet bandwidth in clear words, bandwidth is the highest amount of data which can be moved over a period of time although speed is how speedy the data is being moved.

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