About Internet Bandwidth

Terms of Networking could be puzzling. Such terms are used & so often repeated in our everyday lives still we don’t much on such terms. Unless you are linked to the topic of network, there is a great possibility that you don’t have any idea on the name “Internet Bandwidth”, still this term is repetitive … Read more

About Wi-Fi Extender & the way it Works

WiFi is the most appropriate way to link to the net. Not just it is simple to set up, still it is even very accessible to use the WiFi from anywhere providing the signals spread there. The major issue which anybody confronts through WiFi connections is that the signals are not solid enough in specific … Read more

About 5G Network Technology

The recent generation of cell phone networks is 5G or 5th Generation. After 4G this is the future wireless standard which will be soon announced all over the globe. 5G network is designed to connect all of the devices together virtually. The key reason of 5G technology is to offer much quicker internet speeds by … Read more

Way to Increase Security of Your Wi-Fi Router?

The WiFi Router is a crucial device which not just controls the outgoing & incoming internet traffic but even avoids your data from being retrieved by anybody else if it is safe enough. But that is the key question, how to increase the Wi-Fi router security so that it isn’t reachable by anybody without your … Read more

Way to Improve Your Internet Speed?

Poor Internet is something which irritates everybody, from pictures taking years for loading to slow loading of webpages, such things irritate everybody. Most individuals feel that the purpose why their net is poor is due to their Internet Service Provide else their Internet Plan still what about individuals that do not face these problems & … Read more

How to Generate a Solid Password?

The safety of all of the bank account(s), social media accounts, email accounts, & digitally everything else depends on how solid is your password & how you protect your password. Individuals face complications setting a password as they are not certain what to set as a password. Ought to be only numeric or only letters … Read more

Finding Router IP Address

Most usually the assigned ISP, or as the IP address of router but it can differ from routers & net connection. Configuring your router & perform essential modifications to its settings, you require finding out the IP Address of router by which you may get into the configuration panel of router. All … Read more

How to Setup TP-Link Router?

You don’t need to know how to set up a new TP-Link Router. When you buy a new router, you are not familiar with it. Any router can be set up which includes TP-Links is simple and easy. With the help of the following step, it is easy to install and setup TP-Link router. Setup … Read more

This private host address can be used to gain access to the router’s admin panel. The router’s companies designed it as the default gateway address to have access to the router’s admin panel to make any modifications to the settings of the router. It can be used on a single device only and not … Read more